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Advisory Committe

Sr.No. Name Designation
1 Dr. S.D. Pawar (Principal) President
2 Dr.D.S.Patil Coordinator
3 Mr.Santosh P.Patil NCC officer
4 Dr.Kalantre V.S Member
5 Mr.Jadhav N.G Member


National Cadet Crops (Boys)

The boy's NCC unit was started in the year 2015 and the NCC activities were shouldered by Dr. D. S.Patil as a coordinator of the NCC unit in college . The achievements reached to its heights by joining large number of cadets joining police and armed forces under the guidance of Dr. D. S. Patil .Then Mr.Santosh Patil Assistant Professor in Geography shouldered the responsibility as a NCC Caretaker.

National Cadet Crops (Girls)

The girls NCC activities of the college began in 2016-17. Initially, a limited number (4)of vacancies were allotted.

Sr.No. year Boy Girl Batalian
1 2015-16 15 - 19,Mah,Bt.karad
2 2016-17 09 4 19,Mah,Bt.karad



Enrolment of the cadets is carried-out as per NCC Act, in the presence of ANO, Principal, and Commanding officer’s nominee, in the month of July, once the academic admissions are over.


Both institutional and camp training imparted effectively.

Institutional Training

20 parades, each of 6 periods, are conducted in college premises as well as at 19 . All subjects as directed by NCC organization are taught. The lessons are delivered by ANO, PI staff of the battalion and also by senior cadets as a part of training and preparation for NCC examinations. Practical Training is given on the ground by PI staff and ANO.

Camp Training

Cadets actively participate in the various camps organized by battalion, NCC group, Maharashtra Directorate and other Director General NCC Camps.

Social Service

Apart from regular parades and camps, cadets participate in social service activities like blood donation camp, Aids rally, blood donation rally, . organized by the college unit. 
Following are regular annual social activities organized by NCC Unit.

  • Blood Donation Camp (9th August every year)
  • NCC Day Celebration
  • AIDS Awareness Bicycle Rally
  • Tree Plantation Programme
  • National Intermigration Programme


Sr.No. Rank Regt.No Cadet Name Attended Camp
1 Cadets MAH/SD/15/151660 Sheikh Adil Shabbir Army Attachment Camp.Amadnagar
2 Cadets MAH/SD/15/151661 Chavan Sandip C. Shivaji Trail Trek (Stt)
3 Cadets MAH/SD/15/151662 Gujar Gautam Ananda Army Attachment Camp.Amadnagar
4 Cadets MAH/SD/15/151663 Jadhav Suraj Subash Shivaji Trail Trek (Stt)
5 Cadets MAH/SD/15/151664 Jadhav Akshay Chandrakant National Integration Camp .Kolhapur
6 Cadets MAH/SD/15/151665 Molawade Sager Rajendra National Integration Camp, Kolhapur
7 Sarj MAH/SD/15/151666 Lad Vijay Ganesh Basic Leadership Camp
Advance Leadership Camp
Annual Training Camp
8 Cadets MAH/SD/15/151667 Patil Saurabh S. Army Attachment Camp.Amadnagar
9 Cadets MAH/SD/15/151668 Holam Sharad Rakhmaji Annual Training Camp
10 Cadets MAH/SD/15/151669 Awasre Prasad Gajanan Army Attachment Camp.Amadnagar
11 Cadets MAH/SD/15/151670 Desai Manohar Ananda Shivaji Trail Trek (Stt)
12 Cadets MAH/SD/15/151671 Varpe Rajan Baban Army Attachment Camp.Amadnagar
13 Cadets MAH/SD/15/151672 Kadam Suraj Ananda Annual Training Camp
14 Cadets MAH/SD/15/151673 Pawar Pravin Prakash National Integration Camp ,Kolhapur
15 Cadets MAH/SD/15/151674 Panaskar Shambhuraj Shivaji National Integration Camp.Kolhapur

Student profile of 2016-17

Sr.No. Rank Regt.No Cadet Name
1 Cadets MAH/SD/16/575851 Shelke Prakash Dagadu
2 Cadets MAH/SD/16/575852 Kumbhar Shubham Pandharinath
3 Cadets MAH/SD/16/575853 Panaskar Dhiraj Sunil
4 Cadets MAH/SD/16/575854 Shejawal Suraj Ashok
5 Cadets MAH/SD/16/575855 Sawant Tushar Ramchandra
6 Cadets MAH/SD/16/575856 Molawade Pankaj Sampat
7 Cadets MAH/SD/16/575857 Lad Ramesh Kshaba
8 Cadets MAH/SD/16/575858 Shinde Milind Jagannath
9 Cadets MAH/SD/16/575859 Phadtare Aasish Navnath
10 Cadets MAH/SW/16/572860 Dangal Vaishali Vyankat
11 Cadets MAH/SW/16/572861 Jangam Uma Guruling
12 Cadets MAH/SW/16/572862 Mane Pooja Dilip
13 Cadets MAH/SW/16/572863 Shelke Archna Mahadev

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