Competitive Exam Centre

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Competitive Examination Guidance Committee

Sr.No. Name Position
1 Prin. Dr. S. D. Pawar Chairman
2 Mr. V. S. Raut Director
3 Dr. D. S. Sawant Coordinator
4 Mr. G. S. Pattebahadur Placement Coordinator
5 Mr. S. P. Patil Member
6 Mr. S. S. Tadakhe Member
7 Mrs. P. R. More Member
8 Dr. D M Kamble Member
9 Mr. A L. Mohite Member
10 Dr. S.S. Yadav Member
11 Mr. Y. B. Kumbhar Member
12 Mr. A. P. Labdhe Member
13 Miss. Kirpekar Member

Name of Faculty 

Sr.No. Name Subject Qualification
1 Mr. V. S. Raut Marathi M. A., B. Ed., M. Phil, NET.
2 Dr. D. S. Sawant Political Sci. M. A., M. Phil, Ph.D.
3 Mr. G. S. Pattebahadur Current Knowledge M. A.,B. Ed. NET.SET.
4 Mr. S. P. Patil Geography M. A.,NET.
5 Mr. S.S. Tadakhe Geography M. A.,NET.
6 Mrs. P. R. More English M. A., B. Ed.
7 Dr. D. M. Kamble Economics M. A., Ph.D.
8 Mr. A L. Mohite Mental Ability M. Com. B. Ed. SET
9 Dr. S.S. Yadav History M. A., Ph.D.
10 Mr. A. P. Labdhe General Science M. Sc. B. Ed.
11 Miss. Kirpekar Maths M. Sc., B. Ed.
12 Mr. R. K. Shirke Marathi M. A., B. Ed.
13 Mr Bapurao Chavan Mental Ability B.Sc., B. Ed.
14 Mr. Sudhir Mali Maths B. A. D. Ed.

Student Strength:40


  • Motivation for recruitment of the rural earthquake prone and hilly region students in the state level government services


  • Center for all round personality development of the student.


  • To create awareness about Competitive Examination at college level.
  • To conduct the regular classes for the students of Competitive Examination.
  • To provide library and other facilities.


Sr.No. Course Name Duration
1 Foundation Course 8 Months
2 Maharashtra Police Recruitment 6 Months

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