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Balasaheb Desai College started in June 1969 at Patan tehsil of Satara District in Maharashtra State.
The college is affiliated to Shivaji University, Kolhapur, Maharashtra.
The college started with Arts and Commerce streams and science stream was added to it in 1992.
The College is facing hardships and trying hard to prosper right from its inception and it will be clear from the following points.
Before 1967 the secondary education was thought an opportunity for the chosen and privileged few and the concept of the higher education was a distant dream for the denizens of the Patan tehsil because there were no secondary schools and no college in Patan and surrounding region.

For higher education seekers of it had to go to Karad, a neighbourhood tehsil place which is 60 km away from the other end of the Patan tehsil.

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